Billy Carts


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Last week the Year One and Two were lucky enough to have the best incursion ever!

As part of our Inquiry investigations we designed, made and raced our own billy carts.

It was so much fun and we learnt so much more about forces.

Part of our time was spent in a tool workshop where we had the chance to use spanners and other tools to assemble our different designs. It was great because many of us have never used tools before.

Designing our billy carts was exciting because there was no limit to our imaginations. Although our final billy carts didn’t have slushy machines or jet boosters!

Racing the carts was the best part of the day.

Everyone agreed that this was great fun and we learnt lots of new things.


Inclusion and Excellence


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Our school values for this term are Inclusion and Excellence.

What does Inclusion and Excellence look like in our school?

After a discussion the Year One and Two children developed a class charter which we all agreed to follow to ensure everyone feels included, respected and welcomed into our school.



Push Me, Pull You


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This Term our class will be exploring forces through design and enterprise.

Through the design process we will conduct simple experiments to explore the forces that make toys move, the materials that are used to make them, and what makes a great toy.

We are going to have an opportunity to design and make a toy that moves.

What do you think makes a great toy?

toys that move

Our Class Assembly


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Congratulations Year One on a fantastic class assembly.

It was great to hear you share your learning with the rest of the community.

The other classes really enjoyed your presentation and the parents all had big smiles on their faces.

You should all be very proud. Amazing Job!

Connections, Old and New


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This term our class is exploring what life was like in the past.

As part of our investigations we went on a class excursion to the Polly Woodside and Shrine of Remembrance.

The Polly Woodside is a sailing ship that is moored on the Yarra river in Melbourne’s dockland area.

The Polly Woodside was built 130 years ago in Belfast, and sailed to Australia eleven times carrying a cargo of coal.It was tough sailing a small ship such a long way in dangerous waters. Sadly many sailors lost their lives on the way.

While we were on the ship our class did many of the chores the sailors had to undertake on the voyage. We scrubbed the deck, learnt how to raise the sails and learnt which is the best bunk bed to sleep in on the long voyage.

After that our class went to the Shrine of Remembrance. This year it is 100 years since the soldiers landed at Gallipoli. Our class knows a little more about the brave men who fought for our freedom. We remembered them by saying a prayer as we gathered around the eternal flame.

It was a great excursion and our class learnt a lot about our past history.

Harmony Day


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Harmony Day

Today we are celebrating Harmony Day at our school. Everybody in our community is wearing something orange, this is the colour for harmony. We are learning to appreciate our own talents and those of others. Working in harmony is fun, you can achieve great things as a team.

Dan and Michael came in to visit our school. They taught us about being kind and including others in our games. They acted out short plays to teach us how to use kind words and actions.

The plays were funny, but really learnt lots of new things.

Don’t be an angry alligator or a scared mouse. Be a cool calm kid.

Harmomy Day Tree

Harmomy Day Tree




Learning to Work and Play Together


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We are learning to work together and establishing new friendships.

In our class we celebrate our talents and appreciate the differences in others.

We are a team, we look after each other and everyone is welcome to join in our games.


Welcome to Year One 2015


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We have had a great start to the new year and everyone has shared some special holiday experiences.

This term we are exploring the concept of ‘Identity’ We have learnt lots about ourselves and others.

A special welcome to Seb a new member of our class for 2015.

Here are some of the self portraits we have been drawing with chalk pastels

Year 1 Christmas Carols


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For the Christmas Carols this year, Year 1/2 will be singing ‘We walk with Mary’.

We walk with Mary’- Andrew Chinn

Mary who said yes to God…Pray for us May we trust in God… Pray for us

We walk with Mary who shows God’s way,  we open our hearts to Jesus each day, we follow his footsteps; walk hand in hand, together with Mary, together we stand. (CHORUS)

2. Mary who loved her family… Pray for us May we be people of peace…Pray for us


3. Mary who gave God praise… Pray for us May we praise God everyday… Pray for us


4. Mary who was kind to all… Pray for us May we be sharers of love… Pray for us


5. Mary who built community… Pray for us People of action, in simple deeds… Pray for us


Here is a link to the music below:

Welcome to Term Four


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Year One children have enjoyed a great holiday and are looking forward to an exciting term ahead.

This term we are conducting a Science Inquiry related to Forces and Movement.

We have bought a range of toys to school that move without the use of batteries. With Year Two learning partners, we are exploring the forces that help these toys move. So far, we have identified the forces of push, pull, lift, roll and explored the role of gravity. As part of this Inquiry we are learning to write a scientific report related to some of the experiments we will be conducting.



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